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frequently asked questions: REc

When are games?

Games are *usually* on Saturdays, primarily in the morning or afternoon.

When are practices?

Practice schedules are decided by the individual coaches, but are usually once a week. If you have any major time restrictions please note them in your "special request" portion of your registration and we will do our best to help.

Where are games and practices played?

Games are played at Bill Stanton Park in Madison, Ohio. Most practices are there as well, but practice locations may be changed by the coach. 

When will I know my child's coach and schedule?

All information will be released in the days following the conclusion of registration. Notifications will be sent via our registration website (https://madisonsoccerleague.knack.com/msl-fall-2019#msl-home/)and facebook. Please be patient, and if you have any questions or concerns please reach out to us!


What will my child need to participate?

All children are required to wear appropriate soccer cleats and shin guards to participate in games. T-ball and football cleats are not designed for soccer play and may result in injury. If you are looking for a local place to get your child's necessary gear for the season, we recommend Sports&Sports in Madison!

Tip: Check the Facebook page for anyone selling/donating their used cleats and guards!

Are there any registration discounts I can receive?

We have a multiple-child discount listed on our registration site, so if you have more than one child in the league you will automatically receive the discount! We also entirely refund you the cost of your child's registration if you decide to be a coach for your child's team. If you are interested in coaching or would like more information please reach out to us.

Where is my child's field?

Use the map below to locate your child's field. Please keep in mind that the driveway is ONE-WAY only! No children can be dropped off in the driveway due to safety concerns.

Who do I contact for additional questions?

Contact Hillary at Jeschelnig.MSL@yahoo.com or find us on Facebook!